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is a mobile first technology company driven by design thinking.

The Story

The story starts with Takifugu, our design studio, becoming a part of Tinker.

As Tinker we developed a full stack mobile application framework. The goal was smart contextual app building for everyone. We designed a flexible templating language based on common user patterns and data types.

We proved the technology in the field, creating unique apps for companies with our framework. One app that was spun out of the framework was Heighten, codenamed: Rocket Feed.

Company Trip to Pixar.
Room #2 “Workshop” at the office.

The Culture

The best way to describe our role would be Design Founders. Our role was beyond UX/UI for the product. It was to cultivate the understanding and importance of design thinking across the company.

A big part of our job was figuring out how to present ourselves to potential investors and customers. We wanted to go beyond the name and photo, and give the viewer an understanding of who we were. Below is an example of our team page, personalized by each team member to show their influences and lineage.

Our Ethos

Context is king. Flow Like Water. The Right Data at the right time. Light as a feather. Unexpected Delight in uncommon places.

Codename: Rocket Feed

The goal of the product was to be the ultimate app for sales people on the go. Building empathy is an important step of the design process. Without empathy you have no understanding of who is using the product you’re creating. We were not sales people nor had much sales experience. So we took a crash course into figuring out who these sales people were.

We held exercises of diving into the “day in the life” of a sales person. We sat in rooms where sales were being made to get the vibe and common personality traits. It took time, but was essential.

The ultimate sales app for a salesperson on the go. This was the goal and the vision. We wanted to create designs that brought delight into the sales process. Something that was warm, a visual style to balance off the cold numbers and charts.


Mon are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. Below is an exploration of Tinker’s icon to represent us as a collective team, the company.

v1 Modified Helvetica
v2 Custom

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