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Grid is a mixture of products currently being used by creatives combined with many ideals we believe the web has not caught up on. All created for a community hungry for a solution.

The Story

The first company we founded was Takifugu, a design studio. Our first few clients were startups and we were getting popular fast. Before we knew it we were working with 4 startups and they all wanted us on full time. Long story short we helped found each company. It was an incredible journey but it still left us feeling unsatisfied. We wanted to once again create a product but this time make one for the community that we love and are a part of. Everything Grid started with was simple prototyping. We created designs and videos to explain what we wanted to do. You can call it the MVP of MVP’s. It was small but it was something to work with.

Share what inspires you.

Our first MVP marketing video. We quickly grew out of this core concept of collection boards. Be sure to watch the current marketing video below.

Discover the indescribable.

Our current marketing video. A slow iterative refinement of the brand's tone and core product.

A Human Presence.

Real time presence is built into every corner of Grid. Sharing a moment with an internet stranger by chance or deliberately makes the product more human and strengthens the person’s relationship with the software.


Every user of Grid starts off with three channel recommendations. That is their jumping off point towards discovering related media and using Grid.

Featured Works