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Three car enthusiasts and a rocket scien­tist came together to build the one card to rule them all.


Futuristic Secure Reliable

Coin Segmented Display Typeface

With the limitation of technology we went with a segmented e-ink display for the card. To make the display stand out and have improved readability for our purposes we created a custom typeface.

A hidden limitation was the number of segments or traces we could have for our current chip. We needed to not only show the number of someone’s card, but also the alphabetic name.

LogoType - & Icon

Coin’s logo type and icon are designed to stand apart or be seen together. Inspiration for the icon came from Japanese coins, echoing the name of the device. The icon doubles as an affordance on the card to switch between saved cards.

The logo type contrast the smooth geometry of the icon with an angular & futuristic edge. The two together set the tone for the brand.

We luckily had a chance to work with the legendary Adam of Sandwich Video.

The Story

The story of Coin involved Kanishk a huge car enthusiast, Karthik a rocket scientist and two designers. Although you can say Kanishk became a rocket scientist himself throughout the process of creating Coin.

Everyday was a challenge it was an amazing time in our lives. We were in the room when we conceived the name Coin and we were there working with Adam to create the video over 10 million people have watched. We were all huge automotive fans. Kanishk was rocking a Chevrolet Z06, Michael a Honda S2000 and Jordan & Karthik with a Subaru STI. If we weren't in the office working we were out go-karting together. It really was a blast and a great culture to be a part of.

Our plans with Coin was to create a beautiful card design that represented security, future tech and reliableness. We went through countless amounts of different designs are revisions to suit Coins technical requirements and achieve a great looking card.

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